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clutch replacement peterborough

Local to Peterborough and need a car garage to help assist with your vehicle’s clutch replacement or clutch repair? Contact us and let us help! Your clutch is a wear and tear item that will, unfortunately, perish over time – but here at Marque 1, we can provide you with a cost-effective, swift service and guarantee quality parts to act as a replacement.

Clutch repair in Peterborough

If you feel uneasy about the performance of your car lately, feel free to bring it into our local garage here in Peterborough for a quick, efficient health check. However, you can spot the signs or a worn down clutch yourself.

Signs of a worn clutch are:

• Difficulty in engaging gear
• Rattling or crunching noise whenever you change gear
• A juddering when pulling away
• A strong burning smell
• You can’t pick up as much speed as usual
• Not being able to change gear

Transferring power from the engine to the wheels, the clutch is an important component of any vehicle and should be looked after. If you are experiencing any of these issues contact our friendly team to have your vehicle booked in for repair.

Having your car’s clutch repaired or replaced made easy

No car repair service is the same, so we can’t give you a direct quote without speaking to you first or seeing your vehicle. But don’t let that put you off – our team of mechanics have experienced with all makes and models, and we haven’t turned away a job yet.

We can provide a free courtesy car whilst we carry out our clutch replacement and repair work and complimentary check-ups afterwards. Our car garage is based in the centre of Peterborough, making us the perfect choice for your car servicing and car repair needs.